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RSS Feeds XML visual for RSS Links.

What is RSS Format ?

RSS is an XML-based Web syndication format for automatically indexing the content of Web pages and making this content instantly accessible to Internet users.

This means that users can automatically receive all updates to the contents of a Web page that they select the instant the update comes online.

How to display RSS content?

You need an RSS reader or a news aggregator in order to display the XML content on your computer. There are many readers available on the Web. Some have to be purchased, while others can be downloaded for free.

How to subscribe to the Ministère's website content?

Click on the link or icon for the content that you wish to subscribe to (see below). The corresponding Web page will appear. Copy the URL (http://www....) appearing in your Web browser’s navigation bar and paste it into your RSS reader. You will then have access to all updates to this page the instant they come online.