Québec 5-1-1

511 Android

511 Android

The Québec 511 application for Android is available on Google play. This free application provides, on an interactive map, all the information you need to plan safe trips throughout the Québec road network:

511 Android
  • Road Network Condition
    • Warnings, if applicable (major events in progress on the road network causing significant traffic hindrance such as floods, major congestion, smog, etc)
    • Road network: roadway and visibility conditions in winter, information on the traffic flow
    • Roadwork (nature, hindrance, schedule, duration)
    • Federal structures (three bridges in the Montréal region)
    • Ferry services (availability and schedule)
    • Border crossings (waiting time to enter Québec, passenger and commercial vehicles)
    • Closed bridges
  • Montréal Mitigation Measures (municipal roadwork)
    • Park-and-ride facilities
    • Commuter trains (AMT)
  • Points of Interest
    • Rest areas
    • Villages-relais
    • Roadside weather stations (location of stations and access to data)
  • Monitoring
    • Traffic cameras (great Québec regions and border crossings)
    • Photo radars (location of photo radars and red light cameras)
  • Trucking
    • Trucks prohibited
    • Weight restrictions
    • Legal load limitations

Download the Québec 511 application

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