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Web Accessibility

Need Help?

If you are experiencing difficulties consulting a page, a form or a document, contact us (website of the ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports) without delay by telephone, by post or online (using our form).

Government standards (SGQRI 008)

The ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports undertakes to ensure accessibility of this website to anyone with disabilities or physical limitations. Most of the requirements of the SGQRI 008-01 government standard on web accessibility (French Only) are met. The few remaining obstacles cannot be corrected before the website is redesigned, which is scheduled for 2014. For the time being, the Ministère therefore applies the transition measures for existing public websites (section 25).

The website could however contain accessibility barriers with regard to:
  • certain forms, which will be made accessible by the website redesign or before
  • content not specified in the SGQRI 008;
  • certain downloadable documents (SGQRI 008-02) and multimedia documents (SGQRI 008-03), which will be made accessible by the time these two latter standards come into force.

Here are a few example of content that may not be accessible:
  • certain downloadable technical documents intended for specific users;
  • cartographic tools (geomatics, interactive maps);
  • FLASH animations;
  • certain audiovisual materials.

In addition, the Ministère cannot guarantee accessibility to certain content provided by third parties that are not subject to SGQRI 008.

Site and Accessibility Validation

Compliance of website elements is checked using the following tools:
  • Firefox, version 5
  • Internet Explorer, versions 7 and 8
  • Google Chrome 13
  • Safari 5.1
  • Non Visual Desk Accessibility (NVDA), version 2011.2
  • Firefox’s Web Developer tool bar
  • Firefox’s Web Accessibility tool bar
  • Firefox’s Firebug tool
  • Colour contrast analysers

Other ways to increase or decrease text size

Shortcut keys

If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel, you only have to press the CTRL key, hold it down and scroll.

You can also press the CTRL key at the same time as the + or – key to increase or decrease the text size. Use the Ctrl + 0 combination to go back to the default text size of the browser.

Browser Menu Bar

Follow the instructions that correspond to the browser you are using. You can also consult the Help tool of your browser.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on “View” on the menu bar.
  2. Select “Text Size”.
  3. Choose either “Larger” or “Largest”.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on “View” on the menu bar.
  2. Select “Zoom”.
  3. Choose “Zoom In”.


  1. Click on “View” on the menu bar.
  2. Select “Zoom”.
  3. From the menu, select the zoom percentage you want.


  1. Click on the wrench icon icône Chrome d'une clé à molette on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select “Options” (“Preferences” with Mac and Linux, “Settings” with Google Chrome OS).
  3. Click on “Advanced Options”.
  4. In the web content section, use the “Default FullZoom level” to set the zoom level you want.

What is Web Accessibility?

As a rule, web accessibility means making web content and services accessible to everyone, regardless of the hardware, software or network infrastructures used and regardless of the person’s mother tongue, culture, place of residence, colour or physical and mental abilities.

According to the SGQRI 008, it is the capacity of web content to be consulted by any individual, with or without disabilities, with or without adaptive technology, irrespective of the selected user agent or any constraints related to the operating environment. This definition applies to web pages, downloadable documents, image or sound files and vector animations. A website is designed to be accessible so that, for example, a person with disabilities (no matter what these are or the measures taken to make up for them) can not only perceive and understand the content of the website, but also browse and interact efficiently.