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Mobilité Montréal: a campaign that works!

2017-01-16 — Early last summer, in a context when many major projects were announced on the metropolitan region’s key infrastructures, Mobilité Montréal launched a communications campaign to encourage road users to choose means of transportation other than solo driving, if possible. The campaign also encouraged them to plan their trips and visit the Mobilité Montréal section of the quebec511.info website.

A theme of cooperation

One of the essential ingredients in the campaign’s success is the commitment by Mobilité Montréal’s twenty partners to spread the messages in different ways. Some offered media spaces in their respective networks, such as bus ads and posters in stations and on trains. Others bought radio advertising or published Mobilité Montréal messages on their websites and social media. The MTMDET took advantage of its agreement with Cogeco to broadcast campaign ads, particularly on Radio Circulation. Pooling the resources of the partners and the MTMDET made it possible to carry out a campaign valued at $1.4 million, even though the budget allocated by the MDMDET was $200,000.

Some success stories

  • Visits to the website from mid-June to mid-September increased by 63% compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • The Mobilité Montréal video was viewed 96,756 times on YouTube and 292,825 times on La Presse+, for a total of 389,581 viewings.
  • 67% of the respondents who consulted one of the tools proposed by Mobilité Montréal (quebec511.info website, Radio Circulation, etc.) affirm they have already changed their mobility habits.
  • 65% of the respondents consider that the current campaign is effective in terms of information on the means available to facilitate their trips

Mobilité Montréal’s messages have been heard and, in many cases, they have borne fruit. No doubt in 2017, another year full of road work in the metropolitan region, Mobilité Montréal’s partners will continue to encourage the use of means of transportation other than solo driving.

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