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This section presents information on the road network so as to help carriers better plan vehicle travel.

Hindrances Related to Load and Size

This section lets you know, among other things, the location of a given obstruction,
the direction(s) in which traffic is impacted as well as the nature of the obstruction as it applies to load and size.

Vertical Bridge Clearances in Québec (in french only)

This section gives access to software application that contains information on the vertical clearance of structures found on:
  • numbered roads;
  • unnumbered roads that fall under the responsibility of the Ministère;
  • municipal roads where they pass under a bridge that falls under the responsibility of the Ministère.

New Road Work Sites

This section contains road work sites opened in the last 48 hours.

Load Limits on Bridges (in french only)

This section gives access to a software application that enables the determination of whether a given structure, due to its limited bearing capacity, may constitute an obstruction to the free flow of heavy vehicles.

Trucking Network (Atlas des transports) (in french only)

This map shows the trucking road network managed by the Ministère and by municipalities.