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Travelling Distance Estimation Tool

This tool makes it possible to estimate the travel distances and times between different locations in Québec , whether they are accessible through the road network or through regular ferry services. This excludes Nord-du-Québec localities, for example, as these are only accessible by plane.

Note that the list of localities is established according to the organization of municipalities before 2006 and that some of them may still be associated with merged central cities. For example, Saint-Lambert is still under Longueuil (Saint-Lambert) and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is under Québec (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures). We are currently implementing corrections to reflect the current reality of municipalities. Thank you for your understanding.

The data are based on route simulation methods that promote the use of expressways and national roads and that assess travel time on the basis of the speed limits (see the methodological notes for more details).

The estimated distances obtained are precise within a few kilometres and may differ from the distances published on the Québec Official Road Map or in the Cahier des distances routières, due to the criteria used for choosing routes or the fine position of the points representing the localities.

Use the map or the dropdown lists to select your trip's origin and destination points from over 1,544 localities ( municipalities or municipal subsectors).



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