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Distances Between Cities


In order to work properly, the “Distances between cities” page requires that you transfer a large amount of data to your computer. The time required to transfer the data and to populate the pulldown lists with origin and destination points varies greatly, depending on the configuration of your computer (platform, operating system and browser) and the speed of your Internet connection. We strongly suggest that you read the following paragraphs, which deal with configuration-related considerations, before you download the page by clicking on the Continue button.

In case they apply to you, we mention the options for the lowest-performance configurations.


Using Internet Explorer (versions 6 and later) and Firefox (versions 1.5 and later), loading the page and drop down lists may vary from a few seconds with a fast link to a few dozen seconds with a slower link.


Using the Internet Explorer browser with a Mac OS 9 or OS X setup is not recommended. With this configuration, downloading the page and populating the pulldown lists takes more than eight minutes with a fast connection.

With a Mac, we recommend using a Firefox browser (free download) or the Safari browser by Apple (free download). With either one, downloading the page and populating the pulldown lists takes about ten seconds with a fast connection and a few tens of seconds with a slow connection.


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